Top 10 Unpopular but genius boys in Anime

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1. Uesugi

Anime: The Quintessential Quintuplets


Summary: Uesugi is not very popular in school especially amongst the girls. But is very smart when comes to study, he is always topped class and score 100s. When he got in touch with new transfer quintuplets sisters as home tutors they all were very surprised to know that their classmates is going to teach them but later as they realized that Uesugi is very smart in studies and very pure and kind hearted they all fall in love with him. Uesugi is so innocent that he didn’t even realized the sisters are having crush on him after they were very upfront with their intentions. This is one of must watch anime in Romance genre.

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2. Sakuta

Anime: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai


Summary: Sakuta is high school and unpopular boy in school because of some strange rumours about putting multiple boys to hospital. But in reality he hasn’t done anything that sort. He is very kind and have very good presence of mind. He is kind of expert in detecting/solving a specific syndrome called Puberty Syndrome. Must watch anime in Psychological Fiction and Romance genre.

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3. Hachiman Hikigaya

Anime: My Youth Romantic Comedy is wrong, as I expected.


Summary: Hikigaya is not popular with girls. In his initial school days he tries to confess to multiple times and failed miserably every time. After that he decided to not socialize with others. Out of concern his teacher put him in strange school club called service club. He united with Yukinoshita and Yuigahama. Hikigaya got famous by his unique style to solve problem they receive in Service club. This is must watch Rom-com anime.

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4. Oreki

Anime: Hyouka


Summary: Oreki is very cautious person when comes to use his energy, he doesn’t socialize much and not part of any club neither sports nor normal. He got a mail from his elder sister and he go into a club where he met Chitanda, who is very talented when comes to study. Chitanda becomes curious whenever she hears any mystery story and Oreki end up in helping her. As Oreki dont want to use his energy, he tries to come up with a solution which satisfies Chitanda. It very nice anime falling in Mystery and detective genre.

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5. Tomozaki

Aanime: The Low Tier Character “Tomozaki-kun”


Summary: Tomozaki is kind of Otaku gamer boy who dislike “game of life” and always stays far from reality. He is only love to play game and is no. 1 gamer in gaming platform. When his classmate Hinami finds out that Nanashi (whom she admires) is actually Tomozaki. She gets disappointed to know that a dead-end looser Tomozaki is actually Nanashi. She admires Nanashi very deeply so she decided to fix his social image and his view towards “Game of life”. This is a good watch.

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6. Ayanokoji

Anime: Classroom of elite


Summary: Ayanokoji is very unique guy, he doesn’t want to stand out much and always stay far from trouble. But as I said he is very unique, he is very sharp mind and when it matters. And there for others if he thinks it can help them in some way. This Anime is interesting one.

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7. Shiba Tatsuya

Anime: Irregular at magic school


Plot: Shiba Tatsuya is student at Magic school but is in 2nd Course while his sister is in 1st Course, students who are not at top in magic gets enrolled in 2nd course. But when comes to manipulating magic sequence he is very talented and can read thousands of magic sequence in fraction of seconds. This is quite nice Anime where Shiba is on quest to from a unpopular person to most talented person.

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8. Mob

Anime: Mob Psycho 100


Plot: Mob is a student and not very popular but he is in love with Tsubomi-chan and want to confess to her. As he is not very popular, not talented, not that smart so lack confidence. But is has very unique skill, he is psychic power and that to super-natural level which makes him unique and fun to watch.

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9. Takasu

Anime: Toradora


Plot: Because of Takasu delinquent looks he gets not-welcome air as he starts new session in every class and he has to put efforts every year to clear this air. Despite his looks he is very kind hearted and sweet person. He is very specific when to comes to hygiene and cleaning and very nice cooks. All this makes fun and sweet to watch daily life of Takasu.

Episode 1, 2 used in video

10. Ikki Kurogane

Anime: Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Ikki Kurogane

Plot: Ikki Kurogane is called worst one as he performed very poor in magic school and because of that couldn’t take combat training classes in school. But still he holds great technique that can defeat a top level magic users. Its very nice Magic school anime and must watch for every Anime fan. You should add this to your watch list if haven’t watch yet.

Episode 2 used in video

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