Top 10 Best Relationships in Anime, Friendship Day Special

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1. Best Friend, Killua

Anime: Hunter x Hunter

Other name: HUNTER×HUNTER(ハンター×ハンター)

Hunter x Hunter

Plot: Killua is true best Friend of Gon. When gon and team stuck with Razor in Dodge ball game and they tried everyone on pinch, suddenly Gon came up with a crazy idea and asked Killua for help, killua was always there for him.

Killua was holding ball for Gon while Gon was using his full Monsterous strength to bring Razor down, while going through Killua messed up his hand very bad, even after that Killua was there for holding ball Killua, which is like everything for friendship.

So its these lines best suited to best friends forever -

Friends are always there for you in Sickness, in Health, in Happiness, in Sadness, in Wealth, in Poverty.

  • Episode 70

2. Best Girlfriend, Koko,

Anime: Golden Time

Other name: ゴールデンタイム

Golden Time

Plot: Kaga Koko is very caring and loving when its comes for relationship, she is madly in love with Tada banri and can not think to stay away from him for a single seconds. She doesn’t let him look for part-time job as she want to spend most of time with him.

  • Episode 11

3. Best Boyfriend Kou

Anime: Ao haru ride

Other name: Blue Spring Ride, Aoharaido, アオハライド

Ao haru ride

Plot: When by mistake Futaba got bumb into two Seniors and they thought she is here to confess her love to one of them and the scene was starting becoming embarrassing for her, suddenly Kou appear there and saved Futaba, which was really romantic and anyone wants boyfriend like him who is there to save her girl in touch situation.

  • Episode 4


4. Best Brother, Ace

Anime: One Piece

one piece

Plot: While in Alabasta arc Luffy crew got to know the Fire Fist Ace, second commander of White beared Army is Luffy’s brother they were socked and they thought Ace would be someone very arrogant. But after Ace came to meet Luffy’s crew and Greets them with very respectfully they started to think like “Is he really Luffy’s brother?” which was kind of cute and best Brother figure you can ever see in any anime.

  • Episode 95

5. Best Sister Brother duo, Tanjiro & Nezuko

Anime: Demon slayer

Other name: 鬼滅の刃, KIMETSU NO YAIBA

Demon slayer

Plot: Tanjiro defended her Sister who is almost become demon and even was fighting a demon slayer to save her. Same way Nezuko protected his brother Tanjiro from same demon slayer, you can think of them as best Brother Sister duo in any anime. I just love their relationship.

  • Episode 1

6. Best Wife, Tsukasa

Anime: Tonikaku Kawaii

Other name: TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You:, Generally Cute, Fly Me to the Moon, トニカクカワイイ

Tonikaku Kawaii

Plot: Tsukasa is very pretty and she is wife of Nasa. When nasa got sick after over-working, Tsukasa was taking care of her even without thinking of her own health and so cute that anyone would want a wife like her. So, in my personal opinion she is one of best and perfect Wife any person can have.

  • Episode 12

7. Best Mother, Mamako

Anime: Okasaan online

Other name: Do You Like Your Mom? Her Normal Attack is Two Attacks at Full Power, Okaasan online, 通常攻撃が全体攻撃で二回攻撃のお母さんは好きですか, TSUUJOU KOUGEKI GA ZENTAI KOUGEKI DE NI-KAI KOUGEKI NO OKAASAN WA SUKI DESU KA?

okasaan online

Plot: Mamako is best mother of Centuary, she is always there for Masato (Ma-kun). Masato sometimes behave very badly with her, even after all that she is always there for him and finds a way to make him calm and happy, I think which is what make her really loving and best Mom of in all Amine.

  • Episode 3

8. Best Father Alan, Alexandrove

Anime: Plunderer

Other name: プランダラ


Plot: Jail Murdoch is adopted son of Alan. Alan care about him very much even after his is adopted. His father love sometime makes situation funny which is kind of best to see how father and son behave. Its really funny.

  • Episode 11

9. Best Son, Senku

Anime: Dr Stone

Other name: ドクターストーン

dr stone

Plot: I think Senku is best Son in anime, he is talented, smart, and top of that his Father has so much trust in him. While all humanity is on blink of extinction Senku’s father trusted in him and believed in him that he will rebuild it to its original glory with the power of science and trusted a science gift to him after this death.

  • Season 1 Episode 17

10. Best Daughter Asirpa

Anime: Golden Kamuy

Other name: ゴールデンカムイ

golend kamuy

Plot: Asirpa is bes daughter one can have, while everyone decided that Asirpa’s father Wilk is very bad person, she never stopped believing in her Father and went to journey to save his father from Prison, while on journey she had faced lot of tough situation but never backed down which is why I think she is best Daughter in anime.

  • season 2 Episode 1

Bonus. Best Husband, Tatsu (Immortal Dragon)

Anime: House Husband

Other name: The Way of the Househusband, 極主夫道, GOKUSHUFUDOU

house husband

Plot: Tatsu once a gangster but now a house husband is become very picture of best husband. He cares about his wife things, lunch. Take care of house, laundry, kitchen, house shopping, festivals and celebration. He is ideal husband for any working women. :)

  • Episode 4

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